Cat & Mouse







_DSC9707 - Version 2Vintage Euro Disney tank, vintage Levis denim & leather studded jacket, Carmar jeans, Jeffrey Campbell ‘ZOMG’ platform sneakers, H&M purse, lime sunglasses from Planet Blue.

As I stated in my Globe interview, I’ve been drawing a lot of summer inspiration from the wardrobe in the 1992 movie White Men Can’t Jump. I love the sort of West coast-cool, sporty-grunge vibe. This vintage Mickey Mouse top, cut much like a basketball jersey, oversized denim and platform sneakers make just one of my many outfits ideas that have stemmed from this classic flick. (I may or may not have recently purchased tie-dye mom jeans…) The red lips and pussy purse add a fun, feminine touch.

Photos by Lev Avery-Peck



Coated Denim

Happy October! It’s my absolute favorite month…and I don’t know if it’s because I associate “Thriller” and Rocky Horror with Halloween, but there’s something about October that makes me hungry for red leather. Leather is costly, but thanks to coated/waxed denim, it’s easy to get the luxurious look of leather pants without actually paying for them.1Q1A3270In the interest of creating contrast, I always wear these bold Carmar coated jeans from LF Stores in a casual context. My Jeffrey Campbell “Zomg” platform sneakers maintain the pants’ punky vibe, and my maroon beanie from CVS (yes, CVS) clashes cooly with the fire engine red. For colder weather, I would just throw on my American Apparel classic black hoodie. 1Q1A3279

1Q1A3244 - Version 2To keep your coated jeans looking like real leather, be sure to wash them inside out. But be warned: coated denim will stretch a lot (as you can probably tell), so I would recommend taking one size down. These are Carmar, but J-Brand makes excellent coated denim as well.1Q1A3274My Boyy “Slash” crossbody bag gives this chilled out ensemble a small dose of high fashion flair, and the fact that it’s beige relieves the heavy look of black on red. This purse is especially awesome because the flap is reversible, so I can rock it solid beige, or show a little skin (pun totally intended).

Photos by Amanda Rosen