Fashion Fanhood

What’s on your fashion playlist?



1Q1A8288Sandro T-shirt and booties; Carmar high-rise ankle jeans, shag coat and beanie all from LF Stores; MARC by Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

As I previously mentioned in a heated rant, those of us who truly love fashion revere our favorite designers and shops the same way all people obsess over music, movies, or any kind of art. So, just like a few choice bands/musicians that speak to your soul probably dominate your iTunes library, the fashion lover’s wardrobe reveals loyalties. Not every outfit I post inspires a witty title, or insight into fashion theory; but every outfit I post, I do because that outfit made me feel good.

Though I don’t limit myself to certain brands or stores, and I consider my style eclectic to the point of no description (I will have two wedding dresses when the time comes), it never surprises me that most of my outfits are comprised of the same familiar names. My first higher-fashion purchase was a MARC by Marc Jacobs cardigan, I have LF Boston on speed dial (I also had an internship with LF Wellesley in high school), and I get text messages from Sandro sales associates in two states. My point? (…other than the fact that I shop entirely too much…) Find the stores and designers that excite you, put them on repeat, and celebrate the fact that there’s someone(s) out there whose creative endeavors help you express yourself.

P.S. Alexander Wang is king.

Photos by Amanda Rosen