All in the Details


IMG_0047_2Sandro ‘Savina’ jumper, Sandro ‘Audio’ bag, Emma & Sam denim shorts, my Mom’s old belt.

In fashion, everything’s in the details. One unique piece can instantly transform a simple outfit into something special. My Sandro ‘Audio’ cross body bag, complete with an array of funky, whimsical gold charms, is one of those items that brings an element of magic to any outfit. There’s no need to pair a purse like this with any other statement pieces—it really speaks for itself. The great news for you is that it’s been majorly marked down, along with this lightweight sweater. Go shopping, girl!

Photos by Miranda Mu


6 thoughts on “All in the Details

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    omg i’m obsessed with your purse and top! the bag is such a statement piece that’s also super wearable 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    • Hi, Beth! Thanks for visiting my site. I wore a dainty black lace bra underneath sweater to embrace the fact that it’s see-through, but a bralette, crop top or solid cami would work super well, too! Xo #StaySaucy

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