Plaid Dress



DSC_0560 (1)



DSC_0559Sandro dress and creepers, AllSaints leather jacket, Jimmy Choo clutch, Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

Plaid has a long history in fashion, but its dressy days seemed to end somewhere between the late ’80s and mid ’90s, when the print gave way completely to grunge flannel and school-girl fantasy cliches. With aging memories of hideous, Christmas-y plaid cocktail dresses complete with shoulder pads and bows, I never thought I’d find myself infatuated with a plaid dress that could actually be considered polished, and not just punk. The answer, however, was to combine the two. By cutting the print into a sleek slip dress and adding sexy, lingerie-like lace detailing, Sandro stole my heart. I eyed this dress with admiration for months, repeatedly failing to make my move. But when it’s meant to be it, it’s meant to be: a warehouse sale brought us together. Here, I’ve embraced the dress’s edginess with my beloved creepers, moto jacket, thin velvet choker, and other metallic accessories, but it also looks lovely pared down with some simple strappy sandals.

Photos by Miranda Mu

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