Complimentary Colors


DSC_0383 (1)

DSC_0352 (1)



DSC_0344 (1)American Apparel sweater, Sandro jeans, rabbit fur snood by Linda Richards, Alice & Olivia cross body bag, Brixton hat, Tod’s boots.

Wearing complimentary colors is always eye-catching, but can also be quite jarring. Going with more ambiguous and/or less saturated shades of the colors in question will bring a chic subtlety to your bold color combination. Is my sweater blue or green? Is my scarf orange or red? They both fall somewhere in between, which makes for a more sophisticated take on the unexpected. Use this color-coding technique in pairing chunky sweaters with fun scarves to easily create cool outfits for this transitional time in between winter and spring. As for my piano purse, the novelty handbag trend is still going strong. They’re a cute and quick way to bring a little extra whimsy to your look, so go for it!

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Photos by Miranda Mu


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