Creepers & Classics


DSC_0038 (1)



DSC_0022Sandro ‘Sacha’ sweater, BDG ‘Twig’ skinny jeans, Sandro creepers, Hansel From Basel Color Coded socks, Furla Yo-Yo cosmetic case.

A lot of people are intimidated or put off by creepers, but I consider these funky, retro shoes a certified staple. They’re so chic and wearable, not to mention comfortable. This outfit is comprised of simple classics that would fall into the category of normcore if not for the eccentricity of the creepers, which also bring a refreshing menswear element to the look. You can also enhance the simple pairing of an oversized sweater and skinny jeans by adding a pop of color, like my red handbag, and by stepping up your sock swag.

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Photos by Miranda Mu





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