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Annie in Wonderland







DSC_1355Marc by Marc Jacobs x Disney sweatshirt, Maje pants, Sandro coat, Superga Classic Sneaker.

I practically burst into tears when I discovered that Marc Jacobs had teamed up with Disney to create a collection of Alice in Wonderland themed pieces. I’ve been infatuated with Alice in Wonderland since I was five years old, and with Marc Jacobs since I was in middle school. Over the past two decades, I’ve watched the Disney animated film more times than I could ever count, and have acquired an embarrassingly large collection of Alice in Wonderland-related things, from various beautiful copies of the book, movie posters in different languages, calendars, and pretty much anything with white rabbits. I guess you could say I have a similar affection for Marc Jacobs, who was the first big designer I ever really cared about, and the peak of my obsessions with Alice and Marc coincided when I was in high school, building a collection of wacky and colorful MARC by Marc Jacobs pieces, and doing a lot of Alice in Wonderland-inspired artwork.

What is it I love about Alice in Wonderland? As obvious as it feels, I find it difficult to put into words. I guess I’ve always had an affinity for all things weird, strange, or “trippy,” if you will (I ironed a lot of psychedelic patches onto my flair jeans in elementary school), and I’ve also always identified strongly with the heroine herself. I’m stubborn, emotional, and constantly distracted, or “in my own world,” as people often describe it. I struggle with depression, and Alice’s big breakdown in which she repeatedly sings in between sobs, “I give myself very good advice, but I seldom follow it” has always resonated with me, in a way that took me years to fully understand. And I suppose that’s what I love most about Alice: I’ve related to her and her story at every stage of my own.

My love for Marc Jacobs feels connected to Alice’s early and ongoing impact on me and my taste. Though I’ve loved fashion and clothes for as long as I can remember, discovering Marc Jacobs was the tipping point that pulled me into a permanent love affair with the world of high fashion. His design aesthetic completely transformed and shaped my personal style into what has become so essential to my identity, that I’ve chosen to build a platform for me to share it with anyone willing to listen, and hope to build a career out of it. The fantasy aspect of MJ’s clothes definitely reminds me of what I love about Alice in Wonderland, so it felt like fate when the famed designer joined forces with Disney to celebrate my favorite animated film. The collection’s slogan, “I am not like other girls,” is the icing on the cake, because that sentence incapsulates what it is about both Alice in Wonderland and Marc Jacobs that have held onto my heart for so many years: my love for these two pieces of pop culture represents my inherent desire to embrace my differences and stand out. So, I just had to have this sweatshirt, which depicts a scene of very bossy flowers who are good singers but bad listeners. I think the fact that it’s a sweatshirt calls for a casual outfit, but the leather panels on my Sandro coat and Maje pants elevate the comfortable ensemble for an effect that’s polished yet relaxed.

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Photos by Miranda Mu