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Fall Classic: Parisian Inspiration

DSC_0389 (1)




DSC_0395American Apparel spandex turtleneck, Rag & Bone pants, Sandro coat & bag, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Stoppard’ shoes, Oliver People’s sunglasses.

I shot this look, one of a few fall ensembles that I wear in constant rotation, just days before the attacks in Paris and Beruit that have shaken the world. Whenever I shoot an outfit, I start thinking about what I’d like to say about it here on the Sauce, and how I can best explain my process behind the styling to effectively help my readers understand how they might translate elements of my style into their own. As I posed in my cigarette pants and striped fitted turtleneck, I knew I’d write about how classic Parisian style inspired one of my favorite fall outfit combinations. I would hate to seem like I’m trying to capitalize on a tragedy (believe me, an ex-boyfriend tried to use the Boston Marathon bombings to “reconnect”), so I took pause after the attacks to think about how I might discuss this outfit without mention of Paris; but then I decided that to put a hold on declaring Paris’s impact on my style would be to patronize Paris and to give into its attackers, which I simply won’t do. So, let’s celebrate the City of Light, and consider this post my humble tribute to Paris and all of its contributions to the world of fashion.

Though I haven’t had the privilege of visiting Paris, as a lover of fashion and all of the arts, it still manages to enchant me and hold a place in my heart. Being so passionate about their art in every medium possible, and perhaps equally passionate about their cheese, I feel like I owe France so much of the joy in my life. Plus, apart from allegedly being some of the most alive and creative people on this earth, Parisians are devastatingly stylish, and I spend a sickening amount of time pouring over Parisian street style snaps to elevate my own look.

I think what makes Parisian style so special is how Parisian women manage to dress in such a way that can come across as chic, sexy, sophisticated, professional, fun, and relaxed, all at once. It sounds impossible, but the classic French combination of a cigarette pant and striped top is a fool-proof way to cover all those bases. Take the look to the next level by contrasting some menswear-inspired pieces with an exaggerated side-part and rosy lips.


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