DSC_0065Crochet top from LF Stores, shorts by Nasty Gal, Sandro boots, Loeffler Randall bag.

Pretty much every first-world millennial girl has now acquired a collection of flirty, hippie-dippie tops they purchased specifically for music festivals. You got that tunnel vision that comes with festival anticipation, didn’t stop to think about life after festival life, invested in a festival-weekend wardrobe complete with an assortment of floral crowns, did some drugs, high-fived five-hundred strangers, posed for as many pictures as possible, went home, showered off what you thought was a tan, and then finally realized that while your purchases are getting lots of likes on Instagram and will forever remind you of rad times, they might not fit so easily into your real-life circumstances (and you have a feeling the boutique won’t take back your top that is now covered in glitter and glow stick residue). That’s the story behind the adorable crochet smiley-face top I’m wearing above, but it’s just too awesome to be a one-wear wonder. I should acknowledge that the outfit in this post would apparently be the standard at a more star-studded, fashion-focused festival like Coachella, but I personally have only been to…grimier festivals, so let’s call this post a guide for the girls recovering from Bisco and Bonnaroo.

I’ve previously discussed how to emulate festival fashion with actual everyday pieces, but how you do make festival-specific attire function when the music stops? Is it possible to make these pieces look polished? It’s actually a cinch. Put your festival tops away until next summer, then ditch your denim booty shorts and spandex, and instead pair those tops with longer, dressier shorts. Swap your Birkenstocks for sleek booties, and keep your accessories minimal and sophisticated (think simple, delicate jewelry, and an upscale-looking leather handbag). This top can really only be worn in warm in weather, but if you have some festival tops that could hack it during fall/winter, do some experimenting with waxed high-waisted jeans and a boyfriend blazer or leather bomber. As for dresses you bought in the festival spirit, they should be easy to wear on many occasions as long as the length and other features are appropriate and the style and/or print adhere to your general aesthetic. To get as much wear as possible, try pairing these dresses with a variety of shoes, like heeled sandals, combat boots, jellies, boots with hardware, or white tennis shoes. As for your fun printed pants? Certain styles are super on-trend, but others clearly only make sense for concerts, yoga, and vegging out. You have to use your better judgment to decide whether or not they’re perhaps a little too fun for more standard social situations. If you aren’t sure if your festival pants are chic, or really just pajamas, use Instagram to guide you. Look to lots of style bloggers for inspiration, and pay attention to the cut and fabric quality as well as the blogger’s personal styling of their printed pants—the options are endless!

Photos by Miranda Mu


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