Summer Price Check: How to ACTUALLY Look Expensive Without Spending a Fortune

IMG_3053  VS     

Given that most of my friends do not exactly share my passion or patience for shopping, and that I spend entirely too much time trolling online boutiques, I’m the go-to guy when a friend is looking for something specific for a reasonable price. And I take the hunt super cereal—because while my love for high fashion is true, my pockets don’t usually run as deep. If something special has caught your eye but the price tag is keeping you apart, you can almost always find that item—or an equally fabulous alternative—for a much better bargain online.

The other day, Harper’s Bazaar posted an article titled “How to Look Expensive Without Spending a Fortune” to their website, complete with a collection of 29 ‘great summer finds,’ expecting me to be ever-so relieved that all of these pieces are available for under $500…Wrong. I hope $500 seems like less than a fortune someday, but for now, it just makes me want to take a faint. So I did some hardcore online investigating, and compiled a collection of similar beachy items (all available online) for far more affordable prices—because you should be able to stay on-trend, even if your salary isn’t as sophisticated as your style (click images for a closer look):

So what’s my secret? The ultimate online shopping hack is ShopStyle searches virtually every online store for you, matching you up with the items you’ve been inventing in your mind, or trying desperately to find for less. Let’s say those Illesteva sunglasses from the Bazaar article have made you realize that you can’t possibly live without round, blue shades, but you’re not looking to spend $300. Don’t sit around mourning the gap in your accessory arsenal, waiting for markdowns that may never come. Instead, type “round sunglasses” into the ShopStyle search bar, and then use the panel on the left to narrow your search; you can specify color, price, stores, brands, and more. Then, enjoy a quick and painless journey to the sunglasses of your dreams.

I find that the most stylish people know when to splurge, and when to seek savings. A cohesive outfit isn’t necessarily comprised of pieces within the same price range. ShopStyle is a great way to discover new online stores and brands, and to prioritize the items on your wish list.


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