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Nip Tips

I’m one of those fortunate girls who can frequently go braless (or unlucky, if you just LOVE huge boobs, I guess). When I do wear a bra, it’s usually one of these minimal things from American Apparel, which are quite literally just two tiny triangles of lace with no underwire at all. I just find bras generally uncomfortable after a few hours, and I like to maintain a natural look when I can. (Women of the 20s, 60s, and 90s had it figured out.) Plus, so many tops/dresses look silly when straps or seams can be seen. But it’s getting cold in Boston, and there are some occasions when you’d rather people be unaware of the fact that your nipples are hard enough to cut diamonds. When your outfit demands you go natural, but nature demands coverage, what do you do? The original nipple covers are essentially circular bandaids. If you don’t put them on super carefully, your nipples won’t show but the creases will, and taking them off is a bitch. FEAR NOT! Bristols 6 Nipples Covers have come to the rescue: they’re completely invisible and comfortable under clothes, and they’re reusable. They even come in different colors to match your skin tone. Totally nipular, dude!



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